***Adult themes, and disgusting images discussed, you have been warned***

My reasons for never drinking alcohol just got reinforced.

Today, at approximately 3 AM, the morning after Halloween, I walked into the mens room on my floor of the dorm. There are three urinals in the bathroom, 2 out in the open with no little dividers or anything, and one in a stall with a normal toilet and door. I used one of the open urinals, and was just about finished with my business when someone who lives on the floor walked in. He swung open the door to the stalled urinal, said a name, said "Oh Shit!" and went running out of the bathroom. Low and behold this person was curled up, on the floor, covered in feces. He apparently tried to do that into the urinal as opposed to the toilet which was also in the stall. I, not wishing to etch the image into my brain (tough luck there!) barely glanced into the stall, knowing what I would probably see, and then rushed out of the bathroom. The person who had rushed out quickly returned with one of the resident "people who likely drink" and apparently easily woke the unconscious guy up. So he's fine. I guess. If being trashed, curled up on a (not necessarily clean) semi-public bathroom floor, and covered in your own feces is considered 'fine'.

All I know is, I'll never drink. I'll never let myself get hammered. I dont care what the drinkers say, no amount of fun and relaxation is worth the pointless indignity of that situation.

And now, it's 20 minutes later and I feel better for having written this. Goodnight.

Oh, and Halloween was great, I hung out with a couple who dressed up as people from Cabaret. The women was dead sexy and the man gave himself a wedgie with suspenders, hehe. Both were wearing barely there outfits. Finished the night by playing several hours of Halo before heading to bed, and witnessing what I already described. Hopefully I can forget about it...

Tomorrow I animate a character! Dont worry, I wont post here about it.