Just an update to my node under November 2, 2002 in which I wrote about how my roomate made a pentagram on the cement outside our door with shaving cream.

It turns out that the cleaner 409 (labeled on my bottle as "Formula 409 Glass and Surface Citrus Scent Cleaner") combined with a scrub brush and little bit of determination will get shaving cream out of cement!

Somewhat related to that episode...
In early December, some of the people in my dorm decided to decorate the courtyard that fronts the dorm with Christmas lights. They did a really good job and bought lots of lights to decorate with. I think they didn't have any finals to study for and so were trying to find something to do with their spare time.

Unfortunately, in their exuberance, they decided it would be cool to add to their decoration the stuff that people spray on their windows to make it look like it snowed. This was okay with the figures they sprayed in the windows, for the stuff was designed to wash off windows. This was not okay with what they decided to spray on the cinder block brick wall. The message "Created By Brett and Paul. Our Love to Ashley" is not coming off any time soon. And it's big, about 10 feet by 5 feet (maybe 3 meters by 2 meters). I figure the acid rain and the extremely hot summers here in Arizona might eventually get it off the wall, but thats going to be up there for years.

Oh, and we have chalk now, plenty of chalk. We're not going to resort to shaving cream again any time soon.

Update! Around May 5th or so, 2003 (approximately 6 months after they put it up) the people who put up the message removed the message with a power spray washer -- possibly called a sand blaster, I'm not really sure; It did use lots of high pressure water though. It completely removed all signs of their Xmas message from the wall. A good ending to an odd mistake. ;)