Ok. I have no problems buying this sort of thing for my girlfriend. Whatever.

As long as they are as specific as possible.

Do you realize how many different kinds of pads, tampons, pantyliners, there are at a place like walmart? For the love of god.

One time my mom sent my dad and i on a holy quest to get her some sort of something, pads, tampons, it's all a blur. We tryed asking her what she wanted. She was vague to say the least. Well we figured, "no problem, how many cany there be?" Big mistake. We came back dazed and confused from the sheer amount of different kinds. Needless to say she wasn't the least bit pleased.

Oh well. People know i don't give a damn about what they think about me. Just about every girl-friend i know will talk to me about their period, or ask me to get them tampons, or whatever. Who Cares.