Have you ever walked into class, with that nagging suspicion that you forgot something. You take a quick whiff of yourself, nope, dont smell. Backpack? check. Homework? No, going to do that in class. So you sit down. Everyone is staring at you. The girls are giggling, the teacher has a general look of disapproval, and the guys are all making crude jokes. What a buncha weirdos. the AC comes on, and then it hits you. You look down, and what do you see? But that you have no pants.

You have this moment of enlightenment, and realize, that you too, are addicted to noding. You now go around in your natural state, and firmly believe that pants are a tool of the man. The next thing through your mind is i wonder when my M-Noder shirt arrives? You jump up, and scream "Pants are a tool of the man! Go around with no pants today!"

And out the door you fly, looking for an internet connected computer. http://everything.blockstackers.com "Bess Can't Go there". http://www.everything2.com, Bingo! You proclaim to the masses of noders that you went to class today with no pants.

This node created with no pants.