I would like to offer my services to this node also, only in the digital realm.

This would be the perfect way to get real world pictures to try out minor touching up. I need alot of practice in this area, and i would like to get good at it. I will take pretty much any sort of a picture and work with it.

  • Resolution: The more the better. DPI is important also. Don't spare me a minutes download of a picture because of compression, send me a full on JPG (100%), zipped PSD, zipped bitmap, etc. GIF's will not be accepted. Anything along the lines of 640x480 and above will be accepted, however be aware that at 640x480 modifications can be seen by the naked eye alot easier (if you are looking for them, they will be there) Anything below 640x480 will not be considered. I have alot of ram and powerful software.
  • What i can do: Moles, acne, blemishes, wrinkles, tan lines (~), adding/removing a tan (~), alot of stuff like that. I can whiten the eyes and redden/enhance the lips, things like that. I could probably remove an empty peircing (ear lobe w/o a ring in it). Don't be afraid to ask me if i will do something. Confidentiality is assured. (~ means it's iffy, we'll talk)
  • What i can't/won't do: Add or remove clothing. I will work with images which are, err, missing, clothing, so long as it is mildly tasteful. The female figure is a beautiful thing. Hair is a very hard thing to work with, but it can be done if it is a small amount. Use your judgement on things you send, but don't be afraid to ask.
  • Hard copies: Tell me what you want, i will make it happen, within reason. 640x480 doesn't make a poster, and 1280x1024 poster isn't going to be free :) I will mail it to you, whatever. Compensation is nice for hard copies, ink and or kinkos is expensive (i have a standard 8.5x11 printer) . Anything i email you (tell me how you want it) is free obviously, bandwidth is cheap.
  • i will scan: I have a decent resolution HP scanner, although sometimes it really, really, distorts colour. If this is the case i can run it to kinkos or something (or you could, saves me the trouble :) If it's not a picture you want the people at kinkos seeing (but don't mind this perfect stranger seeing, maybe because i can't make eye contact?) send it my way, and ill see if it will scan (50% chance colour, 90% B&W), Photoshop can do colour correction, however for the kind the scanner does it can make the pictures look somewhat over or under exposed.

Contact: hawk@hawknetworks.com, put something in the subject about E2 or portraiture or whatnot. Please don't send me images until you confirm it with me. Odds are i will accept. So-ya-know, i do prefer working with images of female(s), although i will do guys. Just ask me.