Ok. Well it's still yesterday according to real time, but it's been tomorrow now for a few hours server time. Oh well, at least it's not eastern (US) time. Silly easterners.

And considering today is my birthday i should probably add a node here. So far not a lot planned, but this year i'll probably have a party since i didn't have anything much last year in the way of a gathering of people. Time will tell. Tomorrow my girlfriend and i will be going on our second "date" in almost 2.5 years of "going out" together =) It promises to be fun, the standard dinner and a movie, but this time, i can drive! :) Going to go see Serendipity. She has no idea where we should go for dinner, but since this is like a b-day present, i have made it her prime task in this to pick where we eat, and now to make it surprise, which completely lifts me of any responsibility..hehehe...

Supposedly my aunt and a cousin are also coming down for the weekend. That promises to be interesting. Gonna hang out with peter tomorrow, along with la girlfrienda, but she does have to work, so that leaves me with 5-7+hrs. to kill. Might work on my car a little bit. All of a sudden i've taken an interest in learning how my car works, being the geek i am. I get the basic principles, but now i want to know why and how, and what better way than cleaning all the grime off the underside which has probably accumulated since my wind dam fell off. Oops :)

Wow this is a long rambling node. Oh well, you still don't know how old i am. ;-)