One other, more interesting, way of getting the goods (although, the context menu idea is genious if in windows) is to use wget. Now, we all know the joys of wget.

Properly set up, wget can spoof a very real netscape/IE client browsing their website, referring URL's and all.

From `wget --help` :
HTTP options:
       --http-user=USER      set http user to USER.
       --http-passwd=PASS    set http password to PASS.
       --header=STRING       insert STRING among the headers.
  -U,  --user-agent=AGENT    identify as AGENT instead of Wget/VERSION.

Recursive retrieval:
  -r,  --recursive             recursive web-suck -- use with care!.
  -l,  --level=NUMBER          maximum recursion depth (0 to unlimit).
  -m,  --mirror                turn on options suitable for mirroring.
and thus we get:
wget --http-user=Eraser --http-passwd=blarg --header="Cookie: blah blah blah" --user-agent="Netscape 4.7" --recursive --level=0 --mirror

Yes my pupils, with proper setting up, a little bit of manually requesting documents, you too can piss off those sites by telling them that you too have an exact copy of their entire site. Be sure and only email the sites to tell them of your ventures if you're sure they don't have a few hundred thousand lying around to hire a legal team.

This goes for those annoying webmasters who use focus();. They should be drawn and quartered. Repeatedly.