Today was fun, after the sleep hangover went away. Thank god for instant mocha. I had been w/o caffeine for 2 entire days, and last night i went to bed way to late, then slept too long, so i woke up with one of those headaches. Found some instant mocha mix (nescafe) and drank it down. My Savior! Went to the store to get food. Food is good, also got another 6-pack of pepsi. Why not a cube? Well i ride my bicycle, and a cube is hard to carry in general.

Wound up down at the park with my girlfriend, we snuggled for about an hour, and realized we were both hungry, and the bottle of water i had was very empty. Wound up at Quiznos. It was strange, the village was dead, nothing was open, no one was walking around. It reminded me of the The Stand, except without all the dead bodies. Sat in quiznos for about an hour, and went back to the park. My girlfriend had a headache, so i gave her an excedrin from my little bag of tricks, and she promptly fell asleep snuggled onto me. Watching your girlfriend sleep is by far one of the best things ever. Then about an hour later, we went home.

So what did i do when i got home you didn't ask? Well what else would a god fearing american do? E2!