Well there is a simple solution so few people take. If you are in a bad relationship, get out. Easier said then done i know. I would rather experiment with people, have some ups and downs, then just be alone. If you look at the world as though everyone is out to break your spirit, then you will never find the one you are looking for. Sure breaking up with a mildly good SO will be tough for a few days, but getting out of an unhealthy relationship should be the easiest of all.

Now how people can stay in abusive relationships (or lack thereof) is beyond me. Maybe they grow dependant. But you have to take the chance to have a relationship. Like it or not having a relationship doesn't have to be with someone you are formally dating. In looking for that special someone you will get into many relationships. They might not be the go out and get married kind, but through talking, and finding out if that person is "right" or not, you have just had a relationship with them.