This dream was relativly straight forward for once, and i remembered it. Except it repeated like 5 times, each time with something a little different, i think my subconsious was trying to find the perfect play of the scenario.

Little backround: My SO and i have joked (sorta) about her family going to canada sometime this summer, and leaving her at my place. We're both minors living with our families. Please Shoot me. Anyways...

By play through...
  1. Guest bedroom isn't compelted (it's not IRL), she's out on the couch for the night, its folded out into a bed. I'm in my room, in bed, on my stomach, in a sleeping bag. (I sleep in a sleeping bag, on my bed, its comfy). Enter SO, i'm oblivious to her entry at this point, although my 3rd person perspective knows she is there. She slides into the sleeping bag with me somehow, we hug, the sleeping bag rips. It can't hold both of us. stop, lather, rinse, repeat.
  2. This time, scene plays as before, i am under a blanket and a sheet, enough to keep one person warm. She enters, pulls back the blanket to get under, slides onto my back, lying half on half off me, arms over me, etc. It's way to hot for these blankets. stop, lather, rinse, repeat.
  3. Same as before, only this time she is in the finished guest bedroom. She comes across the hall to my room, no blanket on me. She slides onto me, over my back. We get comfy, and kiss for a few minutes. Wait, she probably wouldn't come in on her own accord. stop, lather, rinse, repeat.
  4. Guest bedroom completed, she is in there on a generic bed, with the generic guest bedroom/hotel room stuff. She is in a night gown, although she wheres a shirt/shorts to bed. I talk to her before parents went to bed. "Why don't you come into my room once my parents are asleep", she confirms, although i don't think she said anything. I am now waiting under the sheet, i hear her come in this time. I roll over to greet her, she lays directly ontop of me, we wind up just holding each other. I can't get to sleep. Something is not right. No pleeding to allow her overnight. stop, lather, rinse, repeat.
  5. This time i start out begging and pleeding with my mom to let her spend a week or two over here. Thats better. She agrees, which strikes me as odd, but there are special circumstances. Scene plays as before. We wind up rolling to the side, facing each other for a minute, then spooning. We almost immediatly fall asleep, i swith to the 3rd person camera in the dream.
I then woke up in real life with one of those warm fuzzy feelings, and the need to snuggle with my girlfriend. See my Day Log.