I've had and recalled dreams for the past few nights, however they all slipped from memory before i could E2 them. Pout.

Last nights was simple, i got off the phone with my girlfriend, only to roll over and find her there next to me, partially alseep. We snuggled up and fell alseep. It was a deeply relaxing sleep, better then any sleep i've gotten, ever, but especially over the past few weeks. It felt so soothing and relaxing. All the feelings as though she was acually here. Have you ever had one of those dreams where you really feel everything that is going on?

Then i dozed off, and "woke up" inside the dream. The first half, i was asleep, and in the dream, i fell asleep, then i became a 3rd person, but myself. I could see from my eyes as though i was awake, but then knowing i was asleep, and feeling the relaxation that comes from good sleep. Then, i acually wokeup inside the dream, and we were in another position. One that i liked alot. She was also wearing this little thingy (God knows what the official name of womens lingere is) i saw at victorias secret the day before when we were in the mall. Then i fell back asleep, and drifted awake in the real world feeling almost serene. Then after ~30 minutes of that, i noticed it was only 8:30. No More Sleep For Me. Pout. Now i want to be snuggled up with my girlfriend.