Given a way to pause and shutdown the script, without having it lose state might be the key.

I might run this script if i could get a DB backup from E2 which i could import into a spare computer, and just let the thing run. Maybe have a way to get a "diff" of the database to import into the system. One just including the new softlinks and node titles. Make the script work as just a perl script connected directly to the database, without any form of webserver in the middle, or even at all.

Might be interesting to be able to queue the maps from a web based form, and cache the completed ones for future viewing. Whenever the first map completes, it emails the requestor, puts the link up onto a seperate computer for viewing, and then loads the next one.

How much memory and HD space would this require. CPU time would be trivial, because this would just sorta until completion. Would a 500meg HD work well as one big swap file to supplement the physical memory?