Guess what happened today (03-15-2001), the N2H2 company, makers of the Bess filtering proxy software used in schools finally caught up with Everything2. For as long as i can remember has been blocked, now they appear to have realized that it doesn't exist anymore.

Why did they block us? We talk about sex, drugs, and how to bypass bess.

We sell t-shirts which talk about drugs. We swear. We vote. We don't censor content.

We are also smart. We are the geeks and the scholars of the world. I write this today from my machine at school. SSH is how i do it, and how you too can do it. SSHd comes standard with a not-as-well-as-it-should-be known feature called port forwarding.

How it works:
  • Setup a port forward from port 81 local, to, port 80.
  • Login, authenticate, get a shell.
  • Now in netscape or IE, configure it to not use the proxy for addresses starting with....
  • connect to
If it doesn't work quite right, click the E2 logo, and it should.

In SecureCRT, go into the advanced options next to the hostname, and click on port forwarding, hit new, enter the data, hit save, (re)connect.

Node type: idea.
Warning: Student having own thoughts.
Action: Bess Can't Go There.

Remind you of a simpsons episode? The Simpsons are one big political cartoon. Alot of people don't know that.