I had to mow the back lawn. Grrr.

Girlfriend went to school today to get us lockers, apparently most of the school was already full. Creepy.

Met her and went to the village. My shirts from Thinkgeek.com still aren't in. Hung out at Nick's playing cards most of the afternoon. Went to the grille for food, then back to nicks, went and got our bikes and headed to burt and rocky's cream shoppe. (Ice cream place, goooood shakes) Then we headed to the concert in the park. Not a very good band, but fun none the less. One of her friends came and joined us. He couldn't deal blackjack if his life depended on it. Some kid spitup right at the corner of our blanket.

Now me go call her to organize tomorrow. We're going to Six flags magic mountain in LA. All hail free AOL Magic mountain tickets.