Woke up around 6:30 Pacific time, and if i did not remove those excess pepsis from my body, they were going explode out on their own. 6:32, out like a light again.

10:30, up, shower and the like, 11:00, shoot forgot to shave. Oh well, maybe i'll scrape off some poor souls skin with my stubble. I use it to itch things.

Girlfriend came over today after school, we mostly just sat around and talked. Went to Vons a bit later to pickup something for dinner. We couldn't decide on what, so a frozen pizza it was. (I didn't feel like cooking) Also rented a few movies, Drowning Mona, don't rent it, and The whole nine yards, which i havn't seen yet. For some reason, mom, girlfriend, and i, all got splitting headaches right around 4 PM. Very strange. But g/f's wasn't really that bad, she just said her head felt funny. Mine was rather painful, she rubbed my temples, it felt better :) 10:30 rolled around, her mom came to pick her up. Pout. Oh well, i want to ride down to school and surprise her tomorrow.