Today started out routine. Mom said she would be offline in a minute or two for about 4 hours. Then we left to go pick up my girlfriend, so NBD. Dropped by the village to check the PO Box. Both my mom and I were expecting stuff, my thinkgeek order isn't there, and her little box thingy isn't in. However, My free shirt from Cisco came in. It's an advertisement for their DSL equip, but its free. They only had XL though, hope it will fit after i have to wash it.

Fast Forward to later that afternoon, i made my girlfriend watch Forest Gump, because i think everyone should have to see that movie once in their life. I should have strapped her to a chair, just so i could say i did it, but whatever. Then we sat around mildly bored for awhile, ate food twice in the time she was here.

She gave me a devine backrub when my shoulders/blades died on me! I layed on the couch face down (should have been on the floor, but whatever), and she straddled me to rub my back. Ahhh. Finished up the night cuddling on the floor.