Went to the mall with my girlfriend today to make her try on these dress like things i always knew she would look incredibly cute in, but that she never wore. My girlfriend is sexy and doesn't know it. Also went into a lingere shop and looked around. Fun stuff.

Getting there was interesting. Car (Ford Expedition) had a quarter tank of gas. Well more then we would need for a few days of driving. However, on the way over to her house, we stopped to drop off some shirts at the cleaners, and the parking spaces angle down. So we pulled in, and the gas guage dropped to E as we lowered down the decline. No matter, its done that before, no big deal. However this time, the RPMs dropped off to ~250-500. The thing simply had no power, and then it stalled. It would start again, but it was becoming exceedingly obvious that we were burning what little fuel we could still pump on that decline. So after one more stall attempt, i got out and wedged my butt/back onto the bumper, and my legs onto the curb. Mom cranked the car, it gurgled to life, put it in reverse, stepped on the gas, and i PUSHED. It creaked back a bit, then came back forward, i guess i slogged some fuel into the pump, because then it roared to life and we were suddenly very backed out, and i almost fell flat on my butt.

Oh well, filled the tank up, and we were on our way. Later we (g/f & i) went to a concert in the park, we met friends there. It was Irish folk music. Very very good stuff. Excellent band. The Fenians.

Now i'm off the phone, out of ranch dip, and sitting on E2.