You know something, i think i've been writing these daylogs up on the wrong day. I just kinda hit the home node and click whatever daylog is there. Oh well.

Today i went grocery shopping with my mother. Now, this may not sound like much to the average person out there, however, this was a major ordeal. We never buy food. Any food we happen to have is purely from me riding my bike to the store and getting what i need. So, i was either going to wait 2 hours or so for my mom to go food shopping by herself, and then go to my girlfriend's house, or, i coulg go with her, get more food, and be out of there in 30 minutes flat.

We now have pepsi. We have not had pepsi for a week.

Went to my girlfriends house, we were going to ride to the village and hang out, but it was a too bloody hot out. So we hung out at her house all afternoon, and i got picked up by mom later. (Oh, i left my bicycle there last night because i didn't feel like riding home @ 7, over getting a ride home at 10) We didn't do much, talked, wandered around, watched the news, ate pizza. The pizza gave us both splitting headaches.

Now i'm home.