Well, heres my story. I love getting to know you nodes.

My name is Kelly. Now, i happen to know about 5-10 male kelly's, however, the world is dominated by female kelly's, and thus, it is a feminine name.

So, when they divided us up for early sex ed, like 5th, 6th grade, they counted my name into the girls, and thus, they were always confused when there was an extra guy in the boys rooms. Much Fun.

Now, Items i have gotten is altogether a different story.
Living in the deep bible belt south, my favorite were this one set of christians. I don't know where they got my name, but they came to my door none the less, wanting to talk to Kelly. Did you know that tampons are a sin against god?

Eraser_'s thought for the day

RE: Android, well simply put, long hard blunt object up a vagina.
Remember, menarche implies that the girl has had her first lustful thought and sin, or something like that. Adding a tampong to that would be a very bad thing. Girls got very bad looks by older freaky christian people when they would set a box of tampons on the counter at some store. :-) (Note: i do see a distinct difference between freaky christian people, good little christian people, and christians. Only one of those is good. :)

And thankyou, you reminded me of the beauty pagent things i still get! I'm 17, got one probably 3 or 4 months ago.