StarCraft, released by Blizzard, is a very intricate game that has a large fan base. As with many popular online computer games, some colorful language has sprouted up from the players. Some words can be used in other games while others are StarCraft specific. To play StarCraft online, one must have at least a tenuous grasp on this language to communicate with other players. Here are a few of the more popular and pervasive slang terms used by StarCraft enthusiasts.

AC – Allied Chat, a setting by which only players you are allied with can see your messages
AFK - Away From Keyboard(not a good place to be)
BatTerran Firebat
BGH – Big Game Hunters, far and away the most popular multiplayer map on Many refer to it as “Big Gay Hunters” due to their disgust for the map and its frequent use.(of course these people use “gay” when “overdone” or “simplistic” would be more appropriate, but I guess those don’t rattle off the tongue as easily), Blizzard’s service where online multipayer games are played. is frequently made a scapegoat when a multiplayer game "lags." The player with the slowest connection is often the first to point fingers by typing "[expletive] Bnet!"
BS(er)Back Stab, turning on a teammate("BSer" being the person doing the stabbing). BS is also a play on the common abbreviation for "bullshit." A game will frequently begin with a player saying, "No BS," which will mean both "no backstabbing" and "no bullshit."
Camper – A player who builds only defenses and refuses to venture into the great unknown for a fight
CCTerran Command Center
Chobo - Korean word (“bad”) transformed into English. Now used more as “newbie”. Korean slang has permeated much of StarCraft culture due the large number of Koreans who play. Some would say that StarCraft is a kind of national obsession for the Koreans.
CowZerg Overlord
Crackling - Zerg Zergling on crack meaning a zergling with full upgrades.
Disc - An awful thing, especially if done on purpose, a Disconnect. Some players intentionally disconnect from a game when they are clearly losing in order to avoid having a loss show up on their stats. Also referred to as a Disco.
DTProtoss Dark Templar
EbayTerran engeneering bay
FFAFree For All, game with no teams
Get Owned – Get beaten resoundingly
Get probed - Get harassed by enemy scouts, so named because the Protoss peon unit is called a "probe"
GG - Good Game, usually said when the battle is almost over. Originally it was reserved for only games that were particularly entertaining, but it has crept into near universal usage at the end of all games
GL HF - Good Luck Have Fun, said before the game
Goon - Protoss Dragoon
Gosu - Korean word (“good”) transformed into English. Means “pro” or “expert”.
HydraZerg Hydralisk
Ling - Zerg Zergling
M&M's - Terran Marines and Medics used in tandem
Natural - Usually the closest (or any) unoccupied expansion base.
PeonTerran SCV, Zerg Drone and/or Protoss Probe (originally worker in WarCraft)
Rine - Terran Marine
Rush - An attack performed extremely early in the game, with basic units. Rushes require very little in the way of tactics or strategy. Quick reflexes and a favorable position are all that's needed. Because of this, many players universally despise Rushes. Players will often proclaim "no rush" at the beginning of a game, but as this is a non-binding agreement, all sensible players should always prepare for a rush.
Toss - Protoss
TvB – Top vs. Bottom, dealing in the game launch screen before a game starts indicating that the players who arrived first will compete against those who arrived later. Similar to “123v456”
Z, T, P - Zerg, Terran and Protoss. Used as ZvT, PvP etc