Imperial Blog week ending 21 Meadow 4703

Our first remembered exposure to this term was from Bertrand Russell who in some writing such as Why I am not a Christian described himself a "neutral monist". That (our exposure) was c. 4670.

Today, we think ourselves simple monist in that we are no longer neutral. If strings are real objects, then the fundamental string is the object referent of monism.

With respect to the poles, Being-in-Itself, the object and the one real transcendent to which it gives rise, we now see that being face-face, sozusprechen.
Absolute Values

We may say that the arrow of time points from the one pole to the other. The process is the game, and it is NOT a test, but a progression of states of affairs from the one situation to the other. Everything hinges on the success of that project/Entwurf so it determines every matter of morality, politics, etc. Tendencies which advance it are called progressive and those which do not are regressive, or at best, conservative.