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Hey Readers
My Real Name is Matt and I am currently a student studying sound technology @ the university of glamorgan, wales. I love music and absolutely anything to do with music beit recording, listening, producing, mixing or writing. I play bass and the didgeridoo and can play a little piano, along with that i DJ with old two-tone records and all forms of Reggae.
Recently Ive aquired a taste for philoshpy and the sureal workings of David Lynch (Director if you don't know) my favorite of his films is Eraserhead (if you've seenit i'd love to hear you take on it by the way) and Ive been reading alot of modern philosophy like Derrida, Nietzsche, Julia Kristeva, Roland Barthes and Jaques Lacan. In-particular this has led me to start studying on the workings of language in the mind and the incredible arithmatic involved with it (stay tuned for that one).