A side note is that the races were all based directly off of many different factions in popular Sci-fi movies and television shows. Ever wondered .. "Could the Cylons could kick the Death Star's butt?" The similarity has decreased slightly in later versions of VGA Planets, but it's still completely obvious to the most inobservant of people.

  1. Federation = Star Trek: Federation
  2. Lizardman = Star Trek: Gorn
  3. Birdmen = Star Trek: Romulan
  4. Fascists = Star Trek: Klingon
  5. Privateers = Star Trek: Orion Pirates
  6. Cyborg = Star Trek: Borg
  7. Crystal People = Star Trek: Andromedans
  8. Evil Empire = Star Wars: Empire
  9. Robotic Empire = Battlestar Galactica: Cylons
  10. Rebels = Star Wars: Rebellion
  11. Colonials = Battlestar Galactica: You can probably guess this one...

And for those of you wondering "Old Star Trek or new Star Trek?" The answer is BOTH, and a lot of Star Fleet Battles mixed in as well.