Temple of Apshai

Commodore 64
Copyright 1983, Automated Simulations, Inc.


The Mighty Temple of Apshai, dedicated to that insect god who claims knowledge far superior to that of other gods, lies buried under a vast slide of earth. Over the years, a village grew up atop the buried temple; and, as generations passed, memories of the caverns faded into legend.

Then, during the reign of high priest Nemdal Geb, a movement began to excavate the old temple in search of the legendary gems and gold of the Apshaians. A noted engineer was hired, and first the ancient temple and then the ancient passages, one by one, were cleared. The underground gardens, with their strange, sunless growths, were rediscovered, as were the shops and, finally, the mines of the Apshaians. Nemdal Geb decided to continue the excavation in hopes of recovering the lost knowledge of the Apshaians. This proved to be an ill-fated decision indeed.

Shortly after the fourth passage was cleared, work parties began to disappear. Soon no one would enter the fourth passage, and eventually the other passages and the temple cavern itself became unsafe. Commerce dwindled and the population waned. The town was again facing disaster. In response to the people's outcries, Nemdal Geb led the other priests of Geb and the strongest warriors of the town in a quest to end forever the curse of Apshai. They entered the fourth passage, and none returned. Dare you join in search of lost wealth still, if legend speaks true, hidden there?


We invite you to project yourself into the labyrinthine dunjon. With your imagination, see and touch the treasures, hear and smell the creatures that inhabit the place. Discover for yourself the fantasy world in the Temple of Apshai.

Temple of Apshai was a very succesful RPG in the early days of personal computers. It was succesful enough to spawn several sequels. It featured decent graphics for the time (some of the monsters were exceptional, the ant men I remember vividly) and stunning sound that set a very creepy mood. One of the more remarkable things about the game is that it was one of the first real-time RPG's.

Oh, and for the total freaking moron who softlinked "learn how to spell" and "Dungeon". You, my friend, are the perfect example of why softlinking should be something that can be undone. "Dunjonquest" and "Dunjon" are both taken directly from the manual about the game. As was the word labyrinthine. I would guess that someone who would use labyrinthine and not misspell it wouldn't have too much of a problem spelling dungeon. My guess would be they were making a series of games called the "DunjonQuest" games, or something like that. Wouldn't you think?