Comic strip shown in MAD Magazine where a black spy and a white spy tried to outwit each other by setting the most devious trap for their opponent possible. Often the traps backfired on their creators, creating slapstick hilarity.

Also a computer game from the late 80's based on the comic strip Spy Vs Spy. Spy Vs Spy graced almost every console and computer available at the time. The game featured a split-screen, with one player controlling a black-clad spy and the other player controlling a white-clad (you guessed it) spy. Each player raced to collect a number of items that would, together, allow the spy they controlled to escape the building they both occupied, which was doomed to explode within a set time limit. So the play consisted of running around, searching every bookcase, plant, and container, while setting traps on every door or object they could find in an attempt to fool the opponent into setting off one of these traps and being removed from play for a certain penalty time, also forcing the slain opponent to drop everything they were holding. Two sequels were made, one set on a jungle island and one set in antarctica, but neither performed as well as the original game.