Of course, the best thing about Sea Monkeys was Sea Monkey eggs. If you forgot about feeding them and killed them all off, all you had to do to get your thriving shrimp monarchy going again was let the container dry out completely, and then refill it with water and food. You also had to be careful not to overfeed them, or the leftover food would go bad and kill off your population. Not to mention they'd get sick... The accessories for Sea Monkeys were pretty interesting too. Sea Monkey Meds, to help sick Sea Monkeys recover (a light antibiotic? I'm curious about what this was, now.) A little bubble on a necklace so you could wear your Sea Monkeys to school. Little balls that floated in the water that supposedly the Sea Monkeys would play with (unwittingly collide with at top speed seems more likely.) I must have gone through five or six Sea Monkey populations as a child with a short attention span. At least three of those miniature doomsdays were caused by my forgetting about them. Should I feel guilty about that? I don't, but mostly because I don't let myself think about it.