And thus ends one of the most wonderful chapters of my life so far. A five year period, marked with all of the most wonderful moments of my life so far over the first four... And the final lonely year, desperately working to patch the cracks of problems that were emerging and spreading across the foundation.

I've finally come to terms with it. I'm losing my family. My wife is leaving me. We're negotiating a divorce I never wanted, and she's leaving and taking my beautiful son away from me... It's the most helpless feeling I've ever felt. She just fell out of love with me... I'm not sure I understand how that happened, even now. I know I will never enter another serious relationship lightly. Nothing involving any commitment will happen until at least five intimate and perfect years with someone have passed, if ever... And I do mean perfect. Because I had three perfect years with my wife... ex-wife... I have the hardest time getting in the habit of saying that.

I was so sure she was "the one", and I've never been more passionate about, proud of, or in love with another person. I suppose sometimes someone can be the perfect person for you, when you're not the perfect person for them.