About ten years ago, Digital Media Interactive was formed as a multimedia group. They developed their own scripting language, XPAT, and used it in a large number of moderately succesful cross-platform childrens' titles, including Land Before Time, Purple Moon, Casper, and a Dragonheart title.

This last game was written about four years ago, during a transitional time for the company. They were running out of funds, the future looked bleak. One of the programmers purchased a Dragonheart puppet which was the head and neck of the main dragon character voiced by Sean Connery.

About two and a half years ago, this same company was in deep financial doo-doo. Titles were taking much more resources to develop than they were producing, and all of the experienced personnel were leaving. Including the owner of the Dragonheart puppet. Perhaps accidentally, the puppet was left behind. One programmer rose to champion the puppet, and he kept that dragon head on his desk for the next two and a half years as the company went through aquisitions, lay-offs, and name changes.

Now, this company has mutated into Addictive Media, and I have been here for almost exactly a year. This champion of the puppet, the last remaining programmer from the old days of DMI, has quit, and I, as the one to have been with the company the longest, carry the torch proudly.

I am the bearer of the Dragonheart puppet.