I am waiting for the world to end
    not a rain of fire
        but the birth of thinking
            of selflessness and caring
                to rise up and displace
                    the thinking of the past.
                    the “Greed is Good” mentality.
                    the trickle-down economy.
                    the thoughts of millions:
                        “what’s in it for me?”

I am waiting for people to realise
    that they don’t need to claim benefit
        from every sacrifice they make.
        from every erg of effort expended.
    that people are people
        who have hopes and dreams too.
        who can be helped by an action
            rather than lazing around.
    that they should try to keep moving forward
        rather than stagnating
            in whatever sub-heaven they think
                they’re in.

I am waiting for society to evolve
    to put achievement over entertainment.
    to put people over profit.
    to make a world not based
        off work.
        off others’ suffering.
        off environmental destruction.
        off a consumerist culture
            that drives the wheel of business
            careless of sustainability
    to work for all, not one.

I am waiting for the world to be reborn
    self-drawn to achievement.
    with no waste
        or sloth.
        or greed.

I am waiting for the world to change
    But that’s all I’m doing: