Have you ever seen a moonset?


Couldn't sleep, so I took a walk around the local hiking trail. Not the most popular time for a walk, but the silence and emptiness makes it feel serene.

Stopped by the lake, and watched as the red gibbous moon slowly lowered itself behind the treeline. Reflected in the stlil water. Geese honking as the splashed about.



I've been experiencing some kinds of depression for the past few years now, but the oddest thing about it is that it doesn't seem to be affecting me very much. I still go through the actions of the daily grind, but nothing gives me interest or pleasure. But it's been so long that I've merely accepted it as it is. Establishing arbitrary goals for myself and going out to fulfill them, but not taking any enjoyment in action or completion.

Just something to do.

Friends, yes. Close friends, none, so no one really to discuss with. And sitting there outside, alone, watching the stars, makes me wonder how it would be to share the moment with someone else. It's been years since I've been in a relationship, and none of them ever seemed to work out.


The world keeps spinning.

Life goes on.