Hahahaha . . . CrowJane, you think you're late? I've got things I haven't even gotten around to procrastinating yet!

So I load up good ol' E2 for the first time in a cubic millennium shortly after I move to Santa Fe, and I look for stuff about my new home in New Mexico, and lo and behold, there's a noder meet coming up.

I make the haul down to the Duke City for the second time that weekend (I ended up making four such trips in three weeks--I-25 is my friend, yes it is) and after a short stop at the University of New Mexico Bookstore, headed to haze's place.

The gathering was wonderful--good food and lots of brand new interesting people, with whom we discussed the Great Issues of the Day . . . or at least, inflatable trauma pants, puns, and bees.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early to meet with some people in Santa Fe about a theatre production for which I ended up being a crew member (and which is currently depriving me of much-needed sleep). Indeed, it'll be a long time before all the fallout from this day settles out--which is good. yay!

If I ever hold a noder meet (which I hope to later this year), it will be called This Noder Meet Should be Filled with Bees. I will also make some remarkable brownies, perhaps even more remarkable than one might think as they contain no narcotics whatsoever. Odd, that.