The Talk is the mythical discussion about sex that parents have with their children. If you believe government propaganda ads, or TV shows with moral endings, then this happens when a child is first discovering his or her sexuality. However reality is that this frank open talk about sex never happens.

This is for several reasons. One, the parents are too scared or embarrassed to have it. Many times parents are too scared or unsure of what to do because their parents never gave them the talk. This leads into a second reason. The second reason is parents believe “I didn’t get the talk and I turned out ok, he/she doesn’t need it either”.

Not all the blame for not having the talk can be placed on parents. Young adults have a greater knowledge of sexuality because of this information age. Children now figure out the birds and bee’s on there own simply by watching prime time TV. By the age of 17 every teenager with internet access has find is way to a porn site. Or got a hold of a dirty magazine and read it. While the above is a overgeneralization is it goes to show how easy and accessible that information is. With all this new information children feel they don’t need their parents input. They can form there own decisions about pleasure, safety, and morality. A second reasons while children don’t actively seek there parents advice is because well, would you want to picture or think about your parents having sex.