I got up this morning and decided I had heard enough bitching from my roommate about how I don’t have Linux anymore. Not that he should bitch for as much as I complain about windows. I had to get a new computer about a month back and the thing came as they all do preloaded with what they thought I wanted, Windows. Well I haven’t reinstalled Linux on to this new computer yet. So I finally downloaded it again today. I got thing booting and sure enough just like ever single time I install Linux the sound card and the network card aren’t working. I guess I haven’t waved the correct dead chicken yet. I figure in a day or too is should be up and running in full.

I also went to class today when I wasn’t hacking around on my box. I learned all about declarative programming. Strange way of programming that I’ve never done before. But they says it’s as powerful as the imperative languages C, C++, Java that kind of thing.