I woke up again this morning. Always a good sign I say. I didn’t have class today until noon so I was upset that I was seeing the sun at 8:00am. But I was good and got out of bed. I did a little bit of Noding on everything, a dream log. Then I went in search of some good nodes. After that I got to work on my homework that I have put off until today. I did my analysis of algorithm's homework and made it look all nice and pretty for them. I even went back through and commented a program that was part of the assignment. After working on that for a good while I headed off to my one class for the day.

My only class with a 40 to 5 ratio of girls to guys. My roommate likes to brag that he has a class that is 24 to 4 in one of his labs, we should all be so lucky. I was dead after that class. I couldn’t believe just how tired I was. And I generally try to work out when I get the chance. But this 2 hours of volleyball just killed me. I spent the rest of the day finishing up the homework and reading everything.