Today was another one of those days that never seem to end. I got up this morning, and wrote up a dream log for today. After that it was off to classes. Where I got to learn all about ADA. It’s just like Pascal. So I’m sitting in class trying to remember my high school computer sciences classes. And all that is coming to mind is playing quake in class over the schools network and Carrie, a girl in my class. I’m starting to think I didn’t pay enough attention to class those years. I did gain a great insight into the world of computer sciences. I no software ever ships on time. It’s because they start of the programmers in college. They give them a due date for program and then push it back just before the date. So when the students get out into the real world they do as they where taught.

After my ADA class I had a senior level college math class. And in this class the professor gives out cookies. I’ve never had a teacher give me a cookie since I was like in 5th grade. Not that this is a bad thing. I like all college students jump at the chances for free food.

I then went to stand in line for football tickets. The wonders of supporting your football team. See we score you score for more details on that. I spent tonight noding and studying for my classes.