I awoke this morning to the sound of my neighbors using the bathroom. I tired to get back to sleep but discovered that I couldn’t the sun, that evil day star, was up. After a quick shower with no cold water. I got online and started noding. I noded a dream log and a getting to know you node called things I am ashamed of. My roommate Cid Highwind, got up and as far as I could tell ready to head off to class. Then said “I’m not going to class till I’ve had my tea.“ That man is obsessed with his tea. Not that I blame him. We all need a shot of caffeine in the morning. I had to spend a good part of the morning working on my homework that I put off doing this weekend. I had a program to write that tests the speed of a bunch of different algorithms.

Me and my roommate made our daily mile walk to get food. Only to discover a line that would take an hour to wait in.

We left and I went to go work out with a friend. I learned that while 35 pounds may not sound like a lot. When all of a sudden you have to hold that up it seems to be a lot heaver than it is. After we worked out I had some dinner, nice fried chicken tenders. I figure I just worked out I’ve earned it. I am currently and planning on spending tonight reading and noding.

I got another one of my friends lain I think to sign up and start noding. It seems that she heard me talk about this place so much that she just had to find out for herself what it was all about. I found out that hobbes.resnet.tamu.edu is still down. How am I suppose to surf the local network for files if his search engine is down.