My day started early this morning, I got up and headed out to church. I discovered something I hadn’t noticed in my three years of being in college. I discovered that it’s easy to tell when your going to a church in a college town. Here is how, five minutes before the service is to start there is hardly anyone there. Ten minutes after the service has started people are having to stand because there is no room. After church I headed home and found a nice parking spot. It’s like finding treasure or cookies in the dinning hall that can’t be used as hockey pucks.

I spent the next big part of my day surfing the internet. I wrote up a few new nodes; pussy whipped, College Life, A dream log for yesterday, Dumbest question you’ve ever been asked, and a node on Sarah Michelle Gellar (she is very good looking). In doing research for the node I found several different sites with very nice pictures.

I went to a actives on campus thing today. Nothing like 40,000 people crammed into a small building with a bunch of organization all buying for your membership. And the way they set up the booths is very funny. Never would I expect to see the Aggie Atheist and the Aggie Sister’s for Christ right next to each other. That has been about the biggest block of my day. I put off doing my homework as all good college students do. I have a date tonight with my girlfriend, and then it’s back to the grind of school work.