Newsboys are a Christian rock group. The group was first formed in 1988 in Australia. The members include Peter Furler, Jeff Frankenstein, Jody Davis, Phil Joel, and Duncan Phillips. They have earned three Grammy nominations, three gold records, four Dove awards.

The bands 8 current albums "Read all about it" 1988, "Hell is for wimps" 1990, "Boyz will be Boyz" 1991, "Not Ashamed" 1992, "Going Public" 1994, "Take me to your leader" 1996, "Set up to the Microphone" 1998, and "Love Liberty Disco" 1999

A quote from Peter Furler best descibes the biggest infulence on the band. " It seems to be human nature to be tough on others as well a ourselves, feeling that we or they (varying on the individual) fail to live up to some standard. If we could, just for a moment, see others and ourselves as our creator sees us: compassion for the prostitute, befriending the tax collector, loving the leper and the thief on the cross...."today youll be with me in paradise." To God, everyone is someone. "