I’m back home again for the summer. I sleeped in a little bit this morning. No more early classes. YEA for that. I woke up and started getting ready to head off to church. Before I left I wished my Mom a happy Mothers day. I gave her a present. It was a nice purple pin in the shape of a heart.

At church this morning the sermon was on “True love waits” Where all the high school students sign a card saying they won’t have sex until they are married. I wondered a lot after church as to just how many stick to that. I signed one when I was 14. And now at 21 I am still a virgin. But I don’t know if I’m a statical outlier or not.

I spent most of the afternoon programming. I’ve been programming a game for about 3 years now. I’ve learned that you do actually use some of the stuff I’ve been learning in my CS classes at school.