I had a very fragmented dream last night. The dream kept bouncing around from topic to topic. I guess I guess just really have a anti-coherent mind.

Fragment 1:

The first part of my dream I was watching a football game on TV. My team (Texas A&M) had just been upset by Colorado. I was mad that they lost. I remember thinking well it’s all down here from here.

Fragment 2:

The next part I was in one of my classes. The professor told us that the chapter in the study guide over Zip codes was better than the chapter in the book. And it was for a while the chapter until they redid it for the final edition. Now what Zip codes have to do with Analysis of Algorithms, the class, I don‘t know.

Fragment 3:

The next part of my dream I was sitting outside with my girlfriend. She asked me to skip a meeting a have tonight for her. A meeting where I’m going to walk away with over $200 to $300 dollars worth of stuff. Well perhaps this means I’m whipped, or maybe I truly love her, but I skipped it and stayed with her.