Today was a very long day for me. School started back up again for me here at Texas A&M University. I thought last semester that taking 16 hours on only 2 days a week would be a good idea. And while I still like the idea of only going to classes twice a week. I don’t much care for going from 9:35 till 6:45 straight. It’s very long.

I discovered today that none of my professors this semester speak English. Would it really be that hard to find professors who speak English. I don’t like having to learn Romanian just to know what is going on in my Analysis of Algorithms classes.

On a positive note I did have a date the other night. Yes a geek with a girlfriend, more impressive me with a girlfriend. And before you wonder I already called and checked, yes Hell has frozen over. The date went well. I was able to get my roommate Cid Highwind out of the room for a good while. Needed that alone time. (draw your own conclusions here)