This morning started out stressed. I awoke around 7:00am just way to early for that time to exists. It's seems they paint the doors in my dorm with some kind of super paint that nothing will stick too. And so my poster kept flapping against it ever time the fan would go by. Kept me up most of the night. I know a sane person would get up and either move the fan or fix the poster but that would require getting out of bed. After I final up and quit complaining about the poster keeping me up. I realized that being back in school now I didn't know what time church started.

So I went to the trusty old web and looked up the web page of my local church. Discover that they web cast the sermon now. I thought about not going and just watching from my computer. But then decided that I better actually be there. If I where to start singing I would wake my roommate, Cid Highwind, and he would get pissed off.

Well I went to church came back around 11:45 or so. I changed cloths and got on to everything2. I wrote up a couple new nodes. Then it was off the lunch. Tonight I have a date. Yes hell has frozen over. With some luck it might be a really good date. I'll write about it in tomorrows day log.