A Day in the Life of Ender02 the Movie
Ender02 (who else would write about my day)

Final Draft
August 25, 2000

CLOSE ON A FACE. A twenty year old college student, ENDER02 awakes rubbing his eyes. We HEAR a loud train whistle blowing in the distances.

Damn I really do hate that train

CAM ON BED. ENDER02 looks at the other half of my his bed.

Damn it was just a dream she’s not here

ENDER02 POV: Intermittently visible is a small desk with a new very expensive large monitor on it. Next to it we see a checkbook clearly in the red.
BEHIND OVER HEAD SHOT. ENDER02 sits down and boots his COMPUTER. A login screen is visible ENDER02 think for a moment then logs himself in. COMPUTER, A feminine voice comes from the computer.

COMPUTER Greetings Master. How may this most humble servant assist you?

ENDER02 with a few clicks of the mouse if up and reading everything2
ZOOM IN ON THE CLOCK ON SCREEN. we see time shift from 7:00am to 10:00pm. ZOOM BACK TO BEHIND SHOT. ENDER02 is still reading Everything2.
ENDER02 get ups and heads to bed. We once again HEAR the train whistle.