Cartoon Network shows two anime series pertaining to Zoids: Zoids Chaotic Century and Zoids New Century/0. Both series take place on the planet Zi, and in both the Zoids are metallic lifeforms which are used by people as workers and weapons.

Zoids Chaotic Century follows a boy named Van Fleiheit who is being chased by bandits and finds a girl named Fiona and a small silver zoid, which he names Zeke, in old capsules in some old ruins. Zeke, who is later found to be an Organoid, helps Van and Fiona escape the bandits by reactivating a broken Shield Leiger and helping Van pilot it out. As the series progresses, Van meets various opponents, such as Raven, and friends, like Moonbay and Irvine, and eventually ends up helping Fiona in her quest to regain her memory and to find the Zoid Eve.

Zoids New Century/0 takes place several centuries after Chaotic Century, where zoid battles have become a form of sport and battles are sanctioned by the Zoid Battle Commission. The series starts with a junk dealer named Bit Cloud, who gets caught up in one of the sanctioned zoid battles and ends up almost ruining the Blitz team's chances of scoring victory, and ends up getting the match rescheduled to the next day. Bit decides to help them win the battle by piloting the unusual Leiger Zero, a zoid which noone seems to be able to pilot. The next day he pulls off an amazing victory in the resumed battle with his new partner, the Leiger Zero. Later, as Leon goes off on his own to hone his skills, Bit ends up joining the Blitz team and helping Brad, Lena, Jamie and Dr. Toros (father of Leon and Lena and leader of the Blitz team) score victories in their continuing adventures leading up to the Royal Cup match.

Cartoon Network times (EST):
Chaotic Century: 6:30 AM, 4:00 PM Mon-Fri
New Century/0: 11:00PM, 11:30PM Sat

P.S. I wonder why no one posted this earlier... These have been on Cartoon Network for at least 2 years now.

P.P.S. Zoids Fuzors is a new series in this same universe that takes place after both the previous series.
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