Today is remembrance day at it is usual for us to have a minutes silence during one of our lessons. This year however that did not happen.

Our german lesson began rather normally and a minutes silence was expected.

As lesson progressed all was fine - or so it seemed. When it got to 11 '0' clock we said to our teacher about the minutes silence and she said she did not believe in all that.

We tried to explain the importance of how we felt about today and she said this did not matter, it was what she wanted that counted.

I cannot understand why anyone would not want to remember what those brave soldiers did for us. I will never forget today and not being allowed to do something that I strongly beleive in.

I don't beleive in God, in fact I don't believe in many things...
This is though one of the things I strongly do believe in - remembering what other people did for us.

"Remember what people do for us and return the favour someday."

I don't seem to be doing very well around here, I want to do well, that was only achievement when I joined here. To be a good writer. I enjoy writing but most of the stuff I write is my opinion and aparantly that isn't what you are looking for. I understand that, just help me along here you guys, I need teaching how it all works.

Tell me why you don't like a piece before you knock it down, that is all I ask from you, your opinion and views on what I write. Surely you don't think they are that bad, do you?