Slept through my first class, but woke up in time for my midterm. I therefore won half the battle against myself and my alarm clock.

Went shopping to pick up items that I will need to celebrate Samhain. Couple wooden dishes and a wooden bowl. Candles, oils, parchment paper, ribbon, fabric, a new book since I think I should start writing things down (my memory is starting to slip), and a calendar for the next year.

Went to work. Pretty boring, but very busy.

Recovered the new book that I bought today while chatting with an old friend that I hadn't seen in some time. Ran around the house in someone else's favorite sweater that I keep conviently forgetting to bring back to him.

Wrote a couple nodes, read more than I intended to, which is pretty normal.

Burned down a new candle that I bought. Very cool idea. It's a white dripping candle that drips all different colors. Neat to watch.