It has been shown by a number of studies that children who are rocked and carried on their mothers' bodies develop better brains, and one study by Dr. Mary Neal has shown that preborn babies in incubators which are moved/rocked develop better than babies that are not rocked. This has to do with the fact that babies have an instinct that makes them feel uncomfortable when they're not with their mothers (and comfortable when they're with her). Rocking/moving/carrying is a sure indication for them that they are protected, and so they feel good. Babies that constantly feel uncomfortable develop sometimes serious brain damage. See for more info. The positive effects of rocking remain even in old age, which is why rocking chairs are so popular (and one study by nurse Dr. Nancy Watson has even found that old people who use them are healthier and happier).

However, in spite of the obvious benefits of auto-moving incubators, preborn babies are usually placed on still mattresses. Auto-moving incubators would be a quick and easy solution for this problem.