The #disney channel is the place the obsessive Disney geeks go to to feel like they're actually socializing, which they can obviously do only with other geeks who share their obsessions. So in order not to be reminded of their real social deviance, they scorn anyone who discusses their beloved subject in their channel, which they actually need to discuss important subjects like "I'm hungry" and "I forgot to shave again".

Actually, that was just flamebait. In most channels, people do talk about the subjects they are named after, but obviously not all of the time. Off-topic discussions are fairly normal in all unmoderated communcation channels. Also, most channels have certain initiation rites for newbies (like kicking them every 5 minutes, then banning them for a week and then, only if they answer "Yes" to the question "Have you learned your lesson", raising their status, maybe even giving them that little + sign that indicates you have "voice" in a moderated channel but which is really totally worthless in an unmoderated one).

So don't worry. The best thing you can do is idle for 72 hours and then evaluate the logs you have produced. (People will also tend to memorize your nickname although you have never spoken a word. They might greet you with "Hello Zorin, old pal, nice to see you, seen the Director's Cut of of Notre Dame already, you can see Esmeralda's titties!" the next time you come in. If you idle long enough, you will eventually get operator status and be able to ban everyone who mentions the word Pokemon, which is probably something some bot is already configured to do anyway.)