A French-built assault rifle that accepts the standard 5.56mm NATO round. Its bullpup design not only makes it compact, but gives it the nickname 'Le Clarion' ('the Bugle'), whose derivation is obvious when seen slung on a soldier's back. Its very high rate of fire makes it a potent weapon but requires a delicate find on the trigger; its entire 25-round clip can be emptied in approximately 1.6 seconds of continuous fire. Its only drawbacks are its bullpup design, which requires that it be fired right-handed, and the mastery of the sensitive trigger required to use the weapon at maximum effectiveness.

A few statistics:
 Cartridge: 5.56mm x 45 NATO
 Weight: 4.5 kg
 Length: 757mm
 Cyclic Rate: 900-1000 rounds per minute
 Magazine: 25-round box
 Effective Range: 400m