The RAW (Rifleman's Assault Weapon) is a spherical projectile containing 1.27 kilograms of high explosive. The said explosive 'pancakes' upon impact, producing an extremely destructive effect on concrete buildings and light armor. Tests prove that it can blow a hole 30 cm across in 20 cm-thick reinforced concrete. This is far in excess of the standard 40mm grenades used by such weapons as the M203 grenade launcher, yet it is as easily portable, able to be mounted on a standard M16 rifle. It is, however, fairly bulky and thus intended only for short-range urban combat or CQB. Because of this, it is particularly useful in built-up areas, and is used by the United States Marine Corps. Its internal rocket propulsion can carry it at a maximum range of 2 km, but its effective range is only about 200 m.

Specs :
	Calibre : 140mm
         Length : 305mm (12 in)
 Weight (total) : 3.8kg (8 lb 6 oz)
Muzzle Velocity : 180m (590 ft) per second
Effective Range : 200m